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Why You Should Have Your Car Shipped When You Move

Once you decide to move across the country or between the states, the first thing to consider is how you will move the goods. Moving your vehicle is another significant challenge to deal with, and whether to drive a car or use the shipping company’s services often depends on a range of factors, like distance and budget. Sometimes it is worth to refer to the car transport company to ensure yourself a calm and safe moving day. Now, let’s figure out a few reasons why shipping your car for a move is a better idea than driving it on your own.

Distance to the destination

It is essential to calculate the exact distance between point A and point B. Consider the road infrastructure as well as weather conditions and time frame for your moving day. Keep in mind that bad traffic and unfavorable weather conditions can lead to delays. Whether you are moving to a nearby state, you can drive a car by yourself since the road won’t take long. When it comes to moving from coast to coast, the road can take up to two days. If spending 3-4 days on the road is not your plan, applying to the car shipping company will be the best solution.


The truth is you will have to pay higher for shipping your vehicle than driving it, even if we add a cost for food, fuel, and hotels. The average price to ship a car for 550 miles will be around $740, but the payment is justified. It is worth mentioning that the type of car transportation also plays a significant role – enclosed shipment costs are higher than an open one. Driving is a cheaper way to move your car – it will cost you approximately $200 less.


It is not a secret that a long road can be full of risks, including unfavorable winter weather conditions and the possibility of having an accident. Once you have applied to the professional car shipping company, you can be calm that your car will come to you safe while you can reach the destination using another moving service, such as flying by plane. Shipping a vehicle for a move keeps your vehicle protected from external factors and minimizes the risk of getting damaged.


While shipping a car with households is considered safer, driving it on your own is the most convenient option. During the moving day, you can quickly stop on the road to see the landscape, visit famous tourist spots and restaurants, and stay at hotels to sleep. Moreover, you can bring some stuff with you in a car and visit or stay with relatives or friends who live across your way to your new home. Convenience and cost-efficiency make the driving vehicle by your own the best solution for moving on a budget.