What is the Templar Code?

The military order called the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, later named the Knights Templar were well-known in the Middle Ages as protectors of pilgrims. Interestingly, the members of the Order were required to follow the Templar code of conduct that was mandatory and cover every part of their life. Do you want to carry a great symbolic amulet of the Knights Templar for interpretation of their honor and valor? Go for a Templar ring, and ensure yourself with a nice attribute of the Knights Templar code. Now, let’s discover what exactly is the Templar codebook.

What does the Templar code mean?

Although the Templars were great fighters and protectors, their lifestyle was similar to the lifestyle of monks. Additionally, the Order has to follow a strict set of rules that has controlled every sphere of their life and was intended for regulation of discipline. The Knights Templar code of honor was also known as Latin Rule – this set of rules origin from the Benedictine Monks who have followed it too.

A code of the Templar was an obligation for each member of the Order. Compliance with the rules meant a deep sacred connection with a God as well as proof of their strong belief. Furthermore, Latin Rule has controlled different areas of Templars` life starting from the required uniform to ethics to vows, etc. You may ask what happened whether a knight hasn`t followed the Templar code. Payment for non-compliance has varied from corporal punishment to the requirement of eating on the floor to even exile from the fraternity. Keep reading to get familiar with some of the most interesting positions from the Templars rulebook.

1. Napkin use is forbidden on Good Friday – The members of Order Templars have to fast on water and bread on Good Friday, and eat without using napkins; a table needed to be washed before the meal.
2. Regulation of meat consumption – The Templars were allowed to eat meat three times per week, apart from at Christmas, the Assumption, All Saints, and the feast of the twelve apostles since meat brings damage to the body.
3. Two knights for one bowl – With a lack of dinnerware, the Templars needed to eat in pairs; the wine in their cups has to be equal too.
4. Moderation of leaving a dinner table – Brothers could leave a table only in the case of an urgent situation, like a war cry, and then come back to a meal.
5. Wearing – The Knights have to dress in white, brown, or black mantle; a white one determined the chastity of a member.
6. Footwear was forbidden – Brothers weren’t allowed to wear any pointed shoes since they were considered to originate from pagans.
7. Avoiding women companies – The Templars have to follow a vow of chastity, so the women were forbidden for them.
8. Bringing up children was prohibited – The members of Order of Templars were forbidden to raise kids, or become godfathers – this shame brings more glory than sin, they thought.
9. Listen to Jesus Christ – All the brothers have to be obedient to carry their sacred duties and spread Lord`s joy.