Yoga Exercises

The 10 Most Important Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Every person tries in different ways to improve life. Some like to meditate, while others prefer to wear the decorations as a talisman, such as SRI Yantra pendant or bracelets. Many people find reassurance in Yoga classes. Yoga exercises effectively transform the body, improve physical shape, burn fat and improve health. In addition, all yoga improves not only the body, but also develops inner strength. Regular yoga classes help to get rid of mental clips.

What are the best yoga poses for beginners?

One of the most simple yoga block exercises is the Mountain Position. You should stand straight, put your legs together and place your hands on each side. The point is to get entirely up but still, relax. Imagine that your feet are roots and you hold the earth firmly.

One of the best yoga poses is Downward Facing Dog. You should expand the body back and take the position of the dog face down: hands at the top of the mat, legs – at the bottom. Focus on your palm, straight back, spine and neck on one line with your hands. At first glance, exercise seems easy, but this does not mean that it is not active. Always remember yoga is a comprehensive exercise. By performing the sequence, you will get a much more significant effect than performing the exercises separately.

There also are a lot of other yoga poses for beginners such as Plank, Triangle, Tree, Seated Forward Bend, Warrior 1 and 2, Bridge Pose, Chair Pose, and others.

What are the yoga instructions for beginners?

Do all yoga positions on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating. For this reason, it is better to do yoga exercises in the morning.

Never hurry to get the result. The two most essential principles of yoga are sequence and regularity. Take one small step a day, maximally comfortable and safe for the body, but do it regularly, without missing a single day. Only such a path can be called a wise yoga path.

In yoga classes, very important is to be in a good mood before practice. Yoga is not just physical exercise. Imagine that when you become healthier and happier, you can teach other people. In this way, you will gradually learn to do yoga not only for the sake of your good but for the sake of all humanity.

Yoga for beginners usually begins with a five-minute meditation. Sit down with a straight back. Close your eyes. Get into the practice, decide for the next half an hour to devote your attention to your development. Do not worth thinking during yoga classes about problems and everyday affairs. Just calmly promise yourself that you pay attention to them in half an hour, but not during training.