Shrooms Treat Addiction

How Psychedelic Drugs Could Help Treat Addiction?

Many hastily reject psychedelic therapy as a treatment option, as they found a period when the whole country was under the hallucinogenic effect in the 60s and 70s of the last century. However, recent experiments prove that when combined with therapy and minimal dosages, this remedy has beneficial effects on mental health, emotional background, and problems with addictions.

Scientists are sure that psychedelic therapy for addiction works. This is especially true for alcoholics, heroin and cocaine addicts, as well as smokers.

A revolution in consciousness and finding new values ​​in life is what addicted people need. And psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms can easily provide you with this help.

However, it should be borne in mind that it is better to choose psychedelic mushrooms for treating addiction for several reasons. First, magic mushrooms are slowly becoming legal, and LSD is illegal. Secondly, psilocybin is much safer than acid in terms of consumption, as it is natural and not synthetic.

It is also worth noting that although mushrooms and LSD are narcotic, psychedelic addiction does not exist.

This point has been proven in an experiment on rats. Experimental animals, which were placed in “cocaine” and “heroin” cages, soon died of an overdose, but rats in cages with access to psychedelics decided to try the substance once.

Such psychoactive substances are dangerous only for people prone to schizophrenia since intense hallucinations can cause exacerbations and breakdowns in them.

At the end of the last century, psychiatrists from New York University again started talking about the therapeutic properties of psychedelics, as many of their patients, who previously had a serious addiction, admitted that they have cured thanks to mushrooms.
They also shared the experience of Canadian colleagues who, since the 50s, have been using psychedelics as a way to treat alcohol addiction.

Not so long ago, at the University of New Mexico, an experiment was conducted on psychedelic treatment for addiction. It is known that a certain dosage of psilocybin was used to treat alcoholism, and that the result encouraged scientists to continue working.

It is important to note that magic mushrooms are the best medicine for those who suffer from nicotine addiction and have not been able to quit smoking for many years. This is evidenced by many reviews of casual consumers and an experiment conducted by Johns Hopkins University. As a result of the experience, after six months, about 80 percent of the volunteers got rid of this bad habit.

Doctors explain that this works because smokers know well that their habit is unhealthy, expensive, and unnecessary, but under the influence of psilocybin, this knowledge turns into unshakable conviction, felt both in the gut and in the heart.
So if this is your case, then psychedelic addiction treatment is worth a try.

Scientific research on the use of psychedelics for heroin addiction is much less frequent. However, according to rejuvenation doctors, they also have significant potential with the right approach.

Experiencing mystical experiences with mushrooms or LSD is an excellent barrier to our psyche if we are unable to stop ourselves from unhealthy impulses.

The complication of getting out of heroin addiction is that you have to spend some time in a state of severe withdrawal. However, the decisive factor is still the belief that you no longer need the drug to be happy. The psilocybin trip puts a person in a completely different context, making addiction something inappropriate and stupid.

If you feel that you or your loved ones have serious problems getting rid of addiction, then see your doctor and ask him to use psychedelic therapy. Be free and healthy!